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Writer’s Bone Podcast: Sitting Down With Lysa Heslov, Director of ‘Served Like A Girl’

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Image courtesy of IMDb.Lysa Heslov, director of “Served Like A Girl,” talks to Sean Tuohy about how she changed as a person and filmmaker while making the documentary, the unbreakable bond she formed with the female veterans, and her next equally complex and emotional project. To learn more, visit the official website for “Served Like A Girl,” like its Facebook page, or follow Heslov and the film on Twitter @heslov_lysa and @servedlikeagirl, respectively. See the official trailer for Heslov’s, Serve Like a Girl:   Be a BookTrib Ambassador!  Sign up NOW for our weekly newsletter.  

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Video: Interview with Gary Vikan and Sacred and Stolen: Confessions of a Museum Director

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Sacred and Stolen is the memoir of an art museum director with the courage to reveal what goes on behind the scenes. It lays bare the messy part of museums: looted antiquities, crooked dealers, deluded collectors, duplicitous public officials, fakes, inside thefts, bribery, and failed exhibitions. These back stories, at once shocking and comical, reveal a man with a taste for adventure, an eagerness to fan the flames of excitement, and comfort with the chaos that often ensued. This is also the story of a Minnesota kid who started out as a printer’s devil in his father’s small-town newspaper and ended up as the director of a the Walters, a gem of an art museum in Baltimore. Of his quest…

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