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How Can Libraries Survive in the Digital Age?

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For many of us, libraries are magic. We treasure the feeling when we walk through the door that we’ve entered someplace awesome, the thrill of the hunt through the catalog for exactly what we’re looking for, the wonder of discovering new titles, and the rush of joy we experience when we see the book that we want waiting for us on the shelf. What’s to become of libraries now that the sum total of human knowledge is literally in the palm of our hands? What will happen to libraries when virtually every book, every image, every piece of music ever produced is available instantly in our homes at the touch of a keyboard? Don’t despair. Not only is there still…

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Ashley Madison Hack Exposes Digital Weakness

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Up until a year ago, I drove a 1999 Dodge Caravan mini-van. It was dented, just starting to show rust in a couple of spots, and blemished on the interior with crayon marks from several children who had grown up riding around in it. As it turns out, it also may have been one of the safest cars on the road. New cars with all of the modern conveniences may look, feel and drive better than my old mini-van. But as media outlets (including the New York Times) have been reporting, hackers have found a way to break into the computer systems of some newer cars and take control of their various systems. In one Wired magazine article, a reporter…

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