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‘Empire’ is Back: Books to Celebrate the Return (and Reign) of Cookie Lyon

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Taraji P. Henson is one of my favorite actresses. I have been a huge fan since the 90s. She, for the most part, has been a film actress, spreading her magic in films like Baby Boy, Tyler Perry’s A Family That Preys, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and the critically acclaimed, multi-award winning Hidden Figures.  One of her best known roles was in the film Hustle & Flow, for which she won an Oscar along with Three 6 Mafia in the Best Original Song category.  In Hustle & Flow, Henson played her role of ‘Shug’ opposite Terrence Howard’ lead role of ‘D-Jay’.  Over the years, Henson and Howard have been paired together in numerous films and their chemistry on…

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Are Celebrity Book Deals Killing Literature?

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Back at the dawn of my career I interned for a romance author who was forever being considered by publishing houses only to be rejected. Finally I contacted a friend at one of these houses and she explained that editors had a limited budget for new work and were reluctant to take a chance on an unknown unless they could be sure of sales. And this was before the phenomenon called the Celebrity Novel on which publishers pin hopes of jackpot dividends. Alas, for every Tina Fey whose $5 million advance produced a book that sold out within six months, there’s a Graham Nash whose $1 million advance barely sold 31,000 books. However, the trend continues. Actors, musicians and reality…

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