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With the Projected Billion Dollar Success of ‘Black Panther,’ Underrepresented Superheroes Are Finally Taking Center Stage

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We’re all used to the typical superhero story by this point. A man struggling with his identity also struggles to save the world. Think Spiderman, Superman, Batman. Three iconic heroes who all have to come to terms with the way their abilities affect both their lives and the well-being of those around them. We’re seen this narrative play out in multiple ways: dark and gritty, like Christopher Nolan’s version of Batman. Surreal and fun, ala Tim Burton. But no matter how these heroes are portrayed, they always have a couple things in common, specifically that they’re white and male. But that narrative is slowly changing, and lately we have a front row seat to the cultural shift that’s taking over…

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4 Fictional Cities We Wish Existed in the Real World

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Sometimes when we find ourselves so enveloped in a TV show or book, we often imagine what it would be like to be a resident of the fictional hometown or city. Not only do we want to live in the town, but we’d obviously want to check out the local hot spots and maybe meet up with one of the fictional characters we wish could be our BFF. Here are four cities/towns we’ve put on our imaginary travel bucket list and one we’d move to in a heartbeat (We’re looking at you, Stars Hollow!). City: Gotham City, [State Redacted] Origin: DC Universe Take New York and Chicago, throw them in a blender with about a gallon of chaos and you…

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