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New Month, New Season, New Reads: 16 New Books for Spring

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March arrived this week and none too soon! Last month we weathered tragedy, scandal and tepid weather conditions.  While many problems of the last month will follow us into the new month, there is hope— there is always hope. This week, hope comes not in the form of Hope Hicks, who departed her position as White House Communications Director yesterday, but in the hope and promise of what’s new in books this coming Spring! We have compiled a list of this week’s 16 Must-Have Books for Spring you will want to add to your collection. The new book by The Black Swan author Nassim Nicholas Taleb will challenge reality and have you rethinking your conventional ways of living; Michelle McNamara and Gillian…

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Writer to Writer: David Mamet

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As a writer, David Mamet has done it all, making him one of the most acclaimed, and eclectic writers of our time. He’s published poetry, essays, and novels. As a playwright, he has won a Pulitzer Prize and received Tony nominations. He’s written and directed feature films and screenplays for television. He created, produced and frequently wrote for the television series The Unit. I just finished reading his latest work, Three War Stories, a trio of novellas to be published November 11, 2013.  I was interested in discussing with David about “Mamet speak,” but was even more curious to know, given his plethora of experience, what effects he thought Hollywood and mass media had on the theatre today. Listen in…

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