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Chapter Closeup: The Real Booklovers of Orange County

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Meet Jennifer Holmes. She is the mother of five, has two dogs and works in the family business with her husband. In her double life, she also is host of the Girly Book Club’s Orange County, CA Chapter, which she started about a year ago. If you speak with her for five minutes, there’s one thing that comes through loud and clear: she loves books. She says she reads one to two books a week, and last year read 120. “I also run a book club in my community, and I host a book club for women at a retirement home. I work on my own blog, www.wellreadtraveler.com and work on monthly service projects with my book club. I love attending author events…

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Sci-fi Shows and Books that Should be on Your Binge List

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As a huge sci-fi fan, I’m always on the look out for a new mind-bending TV show to dive into (especially if it’s inspired by an awesome book!). But every once in a while a sci-fi show flies right under my radar. Maybe that’s because the bigger networks rarely tackle a huge science fiction drama, or maybe it’s just because sci-fi has always been slightly regulated to cult status rather than a part of the mainstream. Regardless, sometimes I need to educate myself on the best hidden science fiction shows out there. If they’re based on my favorite books, all the better. Here’s a list of sci-fi shows you probably aren’t watching, but most definitely should be –- plus, a…

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