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Dark at the Crossing

Writer’s Bone Podcast Speaks with Elliot Ackerman, Author of ‘Dark at the Crossing’

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BookTrib.com recently added Writer’s Bone to our weekly features. Daniel Ford and Sean Tuohy have been bringing us weekly podcasts of discussions they have with writers about the craft of writing and what motivates them to tell a good story. In this episode, Dave Pezza speaks with Elliot Ackerman about his writing.  In this episode of Writer’s Bone, Elliot Ackerman, author of Green on Blue and the recently published Dark at the Crossing, talks to Dave Pezza about toggling between journalism and fiction, painting an honest and realistic portrait of the Middle East, developing characters who feel real, and why it takes guts to write. Recently at BookTrib, we learned more about Ackerman’s inspiration and the sorrows of war and family in a…

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Elliot Ackerman Has Endless Inspiration for ‘Dark At the Crossing’

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Here is an author whose fiction cannot be separated from his life, or, if you indulge me, whose novels are based on his life. Once a marine, with an impressive five tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, Elliot Ackerman is now a journalist based in Istanbul, from where he has been covering the Syrian Civil War since 2013. Dark at the Crossing, Ackerman’s sophomore novel, after his much-heralded debut novel, Green on Blue, like its predecessor, deals with characters trapped in the middle of a brutal conflict. The conflict here is not just the obvious Syrian debacle, but also the one of a failed marriage. Ackerman comments on the genesis of the novel as an insight he had while…

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