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Jon’s Picks: 6 New Thrillers to See You Into Summer

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Having already rocketed to the top tier of action thriller writers, Matthew Betley makes a bid for the highest slot with Field of Valor (Atria, May 22). Betley adds a chilling political, Ludlum-esque direction to his proven skills, pitting series hero Logan West against a sinister, secretive cabal behind a massive global conspiracy. At its heart is a plot to wage geo-economic war intended to pit China and the U.S. against each other in a no-holds-barred battle. Of course, dollars signs and decimal points often lead to bullets and bombs, and it’s up to West to preempt the seemingly inevitable catastrophe. Like Brad Taylor, former marine Betley has lived in the world his work encompasses and, beyond that, his storytelling…

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Rock on with an accidental novelist

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by Daniel Palmer. I consider myself an accidental novelist. Of course, this accident took ten dedicated years of my life, rejections too numerous to count, and a tremendous sense of purpose plus commitment to make happen. But the younger version of me never envisioned he would one day write books; he assumed he’d grow up to be a rock ‘n roll star. Here’s the beautiful upside: Several years and various rock bands later, I find the lessons I learned from songwriting have, in a rearview mirror sort of way, greatly informed my approach to writing suspense novels. I started writing fiction six years after I played my last live show. I had just read High Fidelity by Nick Hornby, and…

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