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Ripped from the Headlines: New Releases that Blend Politics, Pop Culture, and Current Events

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Headline news changes as fast as it can, with each new viral video, political scandal or celebrity moment that’s caught on tape. But there are some headlines that stay with you, and over the past year we’ve definitely had a few we won’t be forgetting any time soon: from the beginnings of the Russia investigation, to The New Yorker‘s expose on Harvey Weinstein. While no one can predict the pace at which headline, breaking news is no longer worthy of being a headline, some events line up too perfectly for us not to comment on. Here we have a list of books on topics that have been dominating the news lately, whether they’re pop-culture, politics, or current events. War on Peace: The End…

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BookTrib’s Q&A with ABC’s Meteorologist Ginger Zee: On Natural Disasters and Being One

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ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee is no stranger to covering natural disasters. In her new memoir, Natural Disaster: I Cover Them. I Am One., Zee discusses her life and admits in an interview with her Good Morning America co-host, Robin Roberts, “I am messy.” It is not self-depreciation, a but self-awareness that Zee brings to the interview— the same self-awareness she brings forth in her book. Stressing self-forgiveness, depression and the very real pressures of life, Zee is candid, insightful and incredibly funny! Recently, we did an e-chat with Zee and asked her about the book, finding a life-career balance and what her life is like behind the camera. Here’s what she had to say: BookTrib: You’re very funny,…

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