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Has “New Adult” genre replaced “Chick Lit”?

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Fifteen years ago, everyone was talking about Chick Lit. It was the new big genre, and candy-colored books were flying off the shelves. Bridget Jones’s Diary, Confessions of a Shopaholic, anything by Jennifer Weiner – readers couldn’t get enough of the quirky heroines who awkwardly navigated love and careers. But these days it seems like bookstores are noticeably missing those familiar covers with large pink graphics and cartoon ladies clutching shopping bags and martinis. Not that Chick Lit has disappeared completely. Jennifer Weiner’s new book, All Fall Down, just came out last month, and Emily Giffin’s pastel-covered novels regularly hit the New York Times bestseller list. But where there used to be thousands of Chick Lit novels crowding every bookstore,…

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