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Jon Stewart does his in ink: 5 Tips for crossword puzzle success

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Some people casually pick up the crossword puzzle, fill in a few answers and then call it a day. (Jon Stewart does his in ink!) Those people are not my mom. She’s a crossword fanatic, complete with an endless supply of sharpened pencils, a sturdy clipboard, last week’s puzzles cut out of the newspaper and neatly stacked, and a battered, almost-falling-apart copy of her crossword puzzle dictionary. Which is why I’m going to buy her Merriam-Webster’s new Crossword Puzzle Dictionary as soon as the 4th edition comes out on July 1. It’s the perfect gift for any crossword puzzle proficient—whether you need to know a four-letter word for butter substitute (oleo) or a poet’s muse (erato). And for those of…

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