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Your Throat – The Source of Your Creative Writing

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Your throat is centered between the energies of your mind and body. If the two are out of sync you will not communicate clearly. To unfold the energies from your throat you must first realize its powerful influence on you. In the throat, you hold your resonance with the outside world. Everything is rhythm and frequency from here. The term “we are on the same wavelength” suggests that with proper toning and rhythm you can lock into a stabilizing, energetic form with the rest of the world. When you reach a state of resonance you are in the groove and every cell in your body is in sync. This is the perfect place in which to write and share your…

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Marie White Small, Winner of When Words Count, Shares Her Journey

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In September 2012, I came across a sweepstakes announcement inviting writers to apply for a free three-day stay at a mountaintop writer’s retreat in Central Vermont. Contests were seldom on my radar but given that the destination, When Words Count Retreat, was two hours from my home in southern Vermont, I filled in the sweepstake form and quickly forgot about it. A month later I received an email telling me I had won. Won what? I wondered. Another gander at the retreat’s website and a phone call later, I found myself in two weeks time meandering north, around farmyard bends that wound through Route 100, trailing the caps along the White River. A prescient thought nagged at me: somehow this…

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