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Sherman Alexie’s ‘Hymn’ Touches on Politics, Popular Culture and Pain

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BookTrib is partnering with Early Bird Books to bring you more great content, including this poem by Sherman Alexie, which addresses the current climate of injustice plaguing the United States.  “Hymn” Why do we measure people’s capacity To love by how well they love their progeny? That kind of love is easy. Encoded. Any lion can be devoted To its cubs. Any insect, be it prey Or predator, worships its own DNA. Like the wolf, elephant, bear, and bees, We humans are programmed to love what we conceive. That’s why it’s so shocking when a neighbor Drives his car into a pond and slaughter– Drowns his children. And that’s why we curse The mother who leaves her kids—her hearth— And never returns. That kind…

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