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Leon Wildes Answers One Question About ‘John Lennon vs. The U.S.A.’

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John Lennon was and continues to be an icon in music, counterculture, popular culture, fashion, and self-expression. But would you guess that he was also the face of the most high-profile deportation case in U.S. history? Yep, me neither. The Nixon administration hated the countercultural movement, or as WASPs called them: “hippies.” In Tricky Dick’s cloud of paranoia, he sought out anyone who could bring about an upheaval. John Lennon was foreign, anti-war, had a large platform with his music and wasn’t afraid to speak out. A dangerous combination. Nixon saw him as Public Enemy No. 1 and tried to kick him out of the country. Leon Wildes intimately knows the case because he was Lennon’s lawyer! Finally giving his…

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