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Mood Shifts From Tranquility to Anxiety in Moriarty’s Latest

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If you loved Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarity then you’ll want to run out to buy her new book, Nine Perfect Strangers (Flatiron Books).  A mix of nine people sign up (and plunked down a sizable fee) for a week of personal transformation at a place called Tranquility House with a singular expectation—to obliterate what had become debilitating stress.  Their days are filled with calming yoga classes, they give up alcohol and chocolate (grudgingly), sip on freshly made smoothies, go on serene nature walks ultimately to emerge as healthier, leaner, more enlightened people.  Consciousness raising anyone? What they don’t see coming is a series of abrupt changes in the program, which go from bad to worse to the point…

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