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10 Inventive Ways to Organize Books and Add Shelf Zest

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At BookTrib, one of our favorite pastimes is jazzing up our shelves and organizing books. If your bookshelf is starting to collect dust or your home library is simply overflowing with books, it may be time to reorganize. Reorganizing your book collection can seem daunting, depending on its size, but it’s simple if you find the organization style that works best for you! Consider the size and height of your books, how you want your collection to look visually and the reason for your reorganization. Whether it’s simply to declutter or to redecorate your home, consider one of these 10 organization styles recommended by Wayfair to find the method that’s perfect for you. You’ll have no problem finding your favorite…

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Eating with your eyes: the pleasures of Vibrant Food

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Transforming one of the most popular sections on her blog, “Color Studies,” into a full-on cookbook, Vibrant Food is the brainchild of color-obsessed blogger Kimberley Hasselbrink of The Year in Food. A prismatic study of a year in cooking, the book highlights peak produce in each season through a collection of recipes that morphs in hue, texture and flavor as the year unfolds. Inspired by the notion of eating with your eyes, Kimberley’s focus embraces a uniquely visual, and ultimately very nutritious, approach to eating—one in which color is the star, and creative play is highly encouraged. I caught up with the San Francisco-based blogger to discuss inspiration, shopping seasonally, and how we can all create vibrant tables in our…

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