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Author Sally Allen Suggests 10 Twists on the Same Ole Book Club

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I love books. I love reading them, collecting them, talking about them, writing about them. I’ve even been known to hug a book, now and again. I am that person who is forever shoving books into friends’ hands, urging, “Read this!” I have an “Oh! That reminds me of this book I read” moment for every occasion and a “You know what book you should read?” suggestion for every issue. And yet … I have a hard time sticking with book clubs. Confession time: I’ve participated – and quit – at least eight book clubs over the last 12 years. It’s not that I lacked appreciation for discovering new books I never would have read without book club. It’s not…

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We’re Not Afraid to Admit That These 4 Classic Books Launched Us into Puberty

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When I was 12, I found a book hidden in the shelves of a summer cabin my family was renting. It was called The Fly Girls by Bernard Glemser and featured bubbly 1960s print and girls in short skirts on the cover. Long since out of print, the book was about stewardesses in the ‘60s and the plot followed one specific girl as she went through a rigorous airline training program, had to learn the arts of makeup and airplane mechanics, and secretly fell in love with one of her instructors. It was lurid, over-the-top, and exactly what my 12-year-old self was looking for in a book. My mom caught me with it, took one look at the title and…

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