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Yank or Brit? Our resident Anglophile reveals famous actors with faux accents

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Ever watch a movie or TV show and think, “Hey that America is top notch. Lemme Google the crap outta them” only to find out—cha-ching!—you just hit the jackpot and that actor you love so much is actually British. Or better yet—Australian! For an out and proud Anglophile like me, who has a fondness for many dialects, I sometimes fall victim to faux accents. The deceit goes both ways though; I’ve encountered a Brit pretending to be a Yank pretending to be a Brit. Say what? In honour of my little obsession, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite masters of accents (see what I did there? Oh, American language, why does the U offend you?) And in…

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Christian Bale in Exodus defends a new take on the Biblical epic

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In the beginning, God said, “Let there be lights. And cameras! And action!” And it was so. And it will be so this weekend, when Exodus: Gods and Kings, Hollywood’s latest re-telling of the biblical story of the ancient Israelites and their exodus from Egyptian slavery, hits the screen at your local theater. This version, however, will be different from those that have come before. This time, when Moses leads the Jews out of Egypt, he’ll do so under the direction of Ridley Scott, who helmed the sand-and-sandals epic Gladiator, which took home the 2001 Academy Award for Best Picture. With Scott behind the lens, Exodus: Gods and Kings promises to be heavy on the action and thrills that made…

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