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Wonder Woman Kicks Ass for a New Generation

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The new Wonder Woman movie is out today and we are jazzed. There’s nothing like watching a strong, inspirational woman kick ass on-screen, especially when she’s wielding a pretty awesome sword and even more awesome moves. From stopping bullets with her golden bracelets to repeatedly saving the world from danger, this is the kind of female-driven superhero story we can get behind. Wonder Woman was originally created in 1941 by psychologist William Moulton Martson and his wife. Martson modeled the female superhero after many famous feminists of the time, particularly Margaret Sanger. We’re definitely not surprised. Other than a very brief hiatus in the 1980s, Wonder Woman has always been a prominent figure in the DC Comics world, including the…

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Dream Casting: 4 Romantic Book Heroes and the Actors Who Should Play Them

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There’s nothing more fun than imagining which actors or actresses will play the characters from your favorite book. Sometimes the actual casting nails it – like Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen! And sometimes, not so much – sorry Jamie Campbell Bower, you just weren’t meant to play Jace Wayland. Regardless, imagining the cast of your favorite book can often be way more fun than actually seeing who Hollywood chooses for the roles. With that in mind, here are 4 of our favorite romantic book heroes and the actors we’d pick to play them in the movie: Marlon Teixeira as Landon Lucas Maxfield (Easy by Tammara Webber, Berkley Romance) Any fan of New Adult has heard of Easy, the story of college student Jacqueline’s…

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