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Language Speaks To Us in ‘The Bilingual Revolution’

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This book is about education and the teaching of foreign language in the American school system…and this book is about community and the use of other languages within a specific social framework…and just as importantly, this book is also about cultures, ancestries, foreign roots, identities, and above all how they manifest through other languages. You could leave a blank space and fill it with your own input, and chances are, it would be coherent. Because, at heart, this book is a love-letter to the preservation of linguistic diversity. Its arrival could not be more timely. A disruptive force in this age of nativist revivalism, where pluralistic criteria are perceived as threats to uniformity and stability of a nation. Jaumont, a…

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Writer’s Bone Podcast: The Humble Beginnings Historical Writer Stacie Haas

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Stacie Haas, author of the middle-grade, historical fiction novel Freedom for Me: A Chinese Yankee, talks to Daniel Ford about wanting to be a writer since she could hold a pencil, how she caught the history bug, the inspiration behind her debut novel, and how her publishing journey led to 50/50 Press. Stacie Haas is an award-winning professional and creative writer with a background in business communications and public relations. She has degrees in American History and English and is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. Stacie’s writing has been published in Skipping Stones and St. Anthony Messenger magazines and online as she competes in many a flash fiction contest. To learn more about Stacie Haas, visit her…

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