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Why We’re Running to See Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice

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I think we can all agree that The Notebook is the best movie of all time. Not only is it romantic and touching, but it introduced America to the perfection that is Ryan Gosling. Remember life pre-Ryan? Yeah, I don’t want to either. The Notebook also marked a pretty important cultural milestone: the Nicholas Sparks movie trend. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Sparks’ writing. I’m probably in the minority here (even in the BookTrib offices!), but it doesn’t matter. Regardless of how I feel about the books, I am deeply, deeply in love with the movie adaptations. No one does cheese like Sparks. Somehow his storylines are the perfect combination of…

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Nerd Audiences Assemble! The Must-See Films of 2016

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When last we left the eager movie-going public, we were looking over the cornucopia of films that will be unleashed upon nerdy audiences this year. What else does 2016 have in store? Prepare yourself, movie buffs. Make sure you circle May 6 on your calendar. That’s the release date of Captain America: Civil War (geez, Batman fighting Superman, Cap fighting Iron Man—these superheroes have a temper, don’t they?). This movie may as well be called Avengers III, since if features pretty much the entire super-team, with the exceptions of Thor and the Hulk (who, rumor has it, will be duking it out in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, due in 2017).   The month will close with another big-time super-group in…

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This Straight Guy Says, “Go See Magic Mike XXL”

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If I were to propose a movie night to my buddies, I imagine it going something like this: Me: “Hey, let’s go see Magic Mike XXL.” Silence. Cue the crickets. The aftermath following that awkward silence would be filled with questions and a little playful “why do you want to see it?” banter. Thus is the way with guys (occasionally). Admittedly, at first glance, a movie like Magic Mike XXL won’t appeal to the straight guy; in fact, some men might make a variety of assumptions based on deeply entrenched stereotypes. Even a certain trio of comedians made fun with this “audition” a few years ago.     The Daily Show Daily Show Full Episodes, More Daily Show Videos, Comedy Central Full Episodes For…

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If Jupiter Ascending crashes and burns; 3 books to console yourself

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I’ve been drooling over the Jupiter Ascending trailer for almost a year now. And here’s why:   A hot, alien Channing Tatum? Mila Kunis kicking some serious sci-fi ass? Produced and directed by the Wachowski siblings (also responsible for a little movie called The Matrix)? Seriously, what’s not to like here? Ascending was originally supposed to come out in July—we even paid a little tribute to it with our Five Powerhouse Heroines article. But due to marketing and additional special effects, the release date was delayed until winter. Now the film is finally, finally in theaters February 6, and, trust me—I will be the first in line. Just in case the movie doesn’t quite live up to its potential, I’m…

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