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Interview with Devi Di Guida, author of ‘The Cayman Hustle’

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Watch our author video interview, “15 minutes with… Devi Di Guida,” now! Here, we discuss her debut novel, The Cayman Hustle. Hear what Devi reveals about the inspiration behind the story, how she wrote from the point of view of a deaf man and what’s next. You don’t want to miss this interview brought to you by Meryl Moss Media and BookTrib.com. Trouble in paradise! Super yachts, tax evasion, drug trafficking, hedge funds, trust funds and more registered businesses than people, The Cayman Islands is the perfect playground for the uber-rich and ground zero for the intrigue that lies ahead. The secret and ultimate game of conspiracy, set up by billionaires from around the world, has begun when a stash of gold bars…

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