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What’s a Parisian maman-to-be to do? Cara Black on Paris and motherhood

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by Cara Black It’s never easy for Parisienne Aimée Leduc, especially with a baby bump in the humid summer when World Cup Fever overtakes Paris in 1998. Not only is Aimée attracted to bad boys, her ankles swell and she’s scaling down to kitten heels instead of her Louboutins. Then there are her cravings for cornichons and kiwis and finding the perfect crème to prevent stretch marks. What’s a Parisian maman-to-be to do? Like many in her condition, it’s time to think ahead to balancing a bébe, work, and how to childproof a 17th-century apartment with archaic plumbing, and electricity last updated at the turn of the 1900s. Time for her find another place to store her Glock—she’s a licensed…

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To Harriet, on her 50th birthday: contemporary writers reflect on the influence of HARRIET THE SPY

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In the beginning, there were stories. Always stories. And with stories come writers. So begins Louise Fitzhugh’s 1964 classic, Harriet the Spy:    Harriet was trying to explain to Sport how to play Town. “See, first you make up the name of the town. Then you write down the names of all the people who live in it. You can’t have too many or it gets too hard. I usually have twenty-five.”    “Ummmmm.” Sport was tossing a football in the air. They were in the courtyard of Harriet’s house on East Eighty-seventh Street in Manhattan.    “Then when you know who lives there, you make up what they do. For instance, Mr. Charles Hanley runs the filling station on…

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