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VIDEO: Author/Actress Rowan Blanchard discusses ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ and her debut book ‘Still Here’ with BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM

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Actress and author Rowan Blanchard talks with BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM (@AM2DM on Twitter) about the new Disney Pictures film, A Wrinkle In Time and her awesome hew book, Still Here. On “Still Here” “There’s something that happens very much in your early teen years, where all of a sudden you realize everything’s happening for the first time and you don’t know how to react and there are so many feelings…I wanted to make something that was kind of a shrine to that.”  (start time: 1:07)   “Life is so endless when you’re a teenager…There’s something so infinite about it and I really wanted access to that…This is about the prelude before having it.” (start time: 2:01)   “You want nothing more than to…

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