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Swashbuckling style fit for a Musketeer or pirate

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Between the BBC show The Musketeers and Friday’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, leather and sword fighting seem to be everywhere we look. And that’s a good thing, trust us. Not only are we excited to try out some “matey’s,” and “arrrs,” but we’ve also been inspired by talking with Phoebe De Gaye, costume designer for The Musketeers. So inspired, in fact, that we’re trying our hand at designing a few swashbuckling looks of our own. Inspired by The Musketeers The Musketeers follows four highly trained swordsmen who protect their king, wear lots of leather, and look good doing it. Read our interview with Phoebe De Gaye for more info on what it’s like to design for these iconic characters.…

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