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Modesty Blaise: Clever, Cunning, Daring and Kick-Ass

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Modesty Blaise was first introduced as a comic-strip in the middle of the 1960s by author Peter O’Donnell. Not only was she beautiful, she was clever, cunning, daring and she knew how to kick ass. For me, she was the heroine I wanted to be. For those who don’t know who Modesty Blaise is, please allow me to introduce you: Modesty Blaise is the anti-James Bond James Bond. That is, yes, she occasionally went on missions for the British Secret Intelligence Service, but that was only after she retired from being the head of┬áThe Network, her own international criminal organization. Along with her sidekick, second-in-command and trusted friend Garvin (they debuted in 1963 and still never really got together, by…

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