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How To Judge A Book By Its Cover: 18 Famous Books

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Have you ever stopped to think about how your favorite books’ covers were conceptualized? The Grapes of Wrath cover artist, Elmer Hader, made a living illustrating children’s books with his wife, and that’s how John Steinbeck discovered his work. The stories behind some of the most iconic book covers are truly fascinating, and this infographic from Invaluable highlights some of the most recognized throughout history. Check out how each designer brought their visions to life!   Want more BookTrib? Sign up NOW for news and giveaways!

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5 Mind-Bending Books to Read Before Wayward Pines Returns

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It takes a really great show to get me hooked like Wayward Pines did. Just when you think that life in this strange town is settling into normalcy the very last shot of the final episode reveals some deeply disturbing occurrences. I was completely sucked into this series the entire time and I ran out and bought all the novels by Blake Crouch the day after the series finale. Even after I finished those amazing reads, though, I found myself wanting more stories about futuristic, sci-fi, and dystopian communities just to keep me satisfied. I went on a hunt for new books in the same twisted vein as Wayward Pines but I found myself going back to classic books and short…

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