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Your July 4th Fix: Books and Shows to Heat Up Your Independence Day

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It’s the Fourth of July! Have a hot dog and a hamburger—but have a side of history while you’re at it. While Independence Day is one of the country’s biggest holidays for barbecues, family pool parties, gatherings at the beach (and let’s not forget the fireworks!) I always like to use the Fourth as an opportunity to take a look back at our illustrious (and sometimes infamous) national history. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of books, movies and TV shows that will help you stay true to the red, white and blue—they’ll not only keep you entertained, but they’ll give you a pretty good history lesson as well. So here’s a TV show, a movie, and three books that will make…

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Books for TV Addicts: A cure for Broad City withdrawal

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There’s a reason everyone’s talking about Broad City these days. And I do mean everyone. From pop culture magazines to my sisters to the guy who runs the deli down the street—it seems as if I can’t go more than an hour without hearing about Abbi and Ilana and their adventures on the streets of New York. I’m guilty of this too, make no mistake. Just yesterday I texted my best friend: “Am I the Ilana or the Abbi in this relationship?” Turns out we’re each a little of both (just as it should be). So if you’re one of the few people who isn’t worshipping at the comedy shrine of Broad City, here’s a rundown on what makes this…

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