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Books for TV Addicts: Penny Dreadful and “jonesin’ for a classic”

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Full disclosure: this Bookish Diva is supremely tardy to the Penny Dreadful party. I heard murmurs about this show and dismissed them. My “to be watched” queue was rather deep and I didn’t know if I had the emotional bandwidth to invest fully in another show. Then the live tweeting began. As I tenderly tiptoed through the tweets, curiosity took hold. I had to know more about Dorian, Vanessa and Ethan, so I jumped down the rabbit hole and never looked back. And this Bookish Diva solemnly swears that mentions of Josh Hartnett’s posterior had no bearing on my decision to indulge in Penny Dreadful. Classic shots like this…Conveys my love for this show #DemDreads #PennyDreadful pic.twitter.com/6SWy9IsBMd — INDIA (@Indiasmovies)…

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