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Says Lauren Blakely: In Romance Genre, All You Need Is Love

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It’s no shock that romance has always been stigmatized. Too often, the genre is viewed as frivolous, fluff literature strictly for women. But romance is valuable in ways that often get overlooked. With Romance Awareness Month having just come to an end, I spoke about the topic in detail on a recent episode of the One True Pairing podcast. Here are some of the critical points. I think it’s crazy that the romance genre gets bashed. Ultimately, I feel like it’s what every person is striving for. Everyone wants to fall in love – we want to be happy, we want to be linked with another person. That’s one of the most basic elements of being human. If we want…

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Teddi Leaves Everything to Chance in Amy Sue Nathan’s Newest Novel

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I am a sucker for places in real life and settings in books that spark my imagination. When visiting a new town in person or in the pages of a book, I imagine the vast and different lives I could take on in these new geographies. In these places, I imagine ‘what if’. Amy Sue Nathan’s Left to Chance sparked this same kind of longing. A sort of inverse of wanderlust, Teddi, the protagonist of Left to Chance, journeys back home to Chance, Ohio. As a celebrity photographer travelling from fancy hotel to fancy resort, Teddi lives an enviable life mingling in beautiful places with the beautiful portraits she photographs. When the wedding of a friend calls her back to…

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Five body positive blogs to celebrate those gorgeous curves

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When you’ve got curves, it’s not always easy to know how something will fit you—especially when most fashion images we see are of rail-thin models. Sometimes getting dressed feels like a minefield. Because let’s face it, styles that look amazing on a size 2 will never look quite the same on a size 12. And then there are the dreaded “rules” that we’re supposed to live by—no horizontal stripes, no strapless dresses, always wear black because it’s slimming… Thank god for body-positive blogs, where plus-size women are shattering those archaic “rules” and rocking awesome styles that look great on all body shapes. These blogs have become my daily reading, my inspiration, and a little problematic as they are direct contributors…

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