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#Thrillerfest16 is Happening Now! Thrillers that Get Our Pulse Racing

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It’s that time of year again: Thrillerfest ’16 is here and in full swing! Let’s be honest, if there’s one thing keeping most of us up at night it’s a scary movie or book. There’s just something about that thrill that really gets our heart racing. So, of course, it only seems fitting that not only do we fall for a great thriller book, but in turn, we fall for the author of that book, too. Most of readers have a preference when it comes to any author in general. There are some people who read more of one author than another, some authors you may just be discovering, and some that you’re just so completely obsessed with, you’re on the edge of your seat until…

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5 Mind-Bending Books to Read Before Wayward Pines Returns

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It takes a really great show to get me hooked like Wayward Pines did. Just when you think that life in this strange town is settling into normalcy the very last shot of the final episode reveals some deeply disturbing occurrences. I was completely sucked into this series the entire time and I ran out and bought all the novels by Blake Crouch the day after the series finale. Even after I finished those amazing reads, though, I found myself wanting more stories about futuristic, sci-fi, and dystopian communities just to keep me satisfied. I went on a hunt for new books in the same twisted vein as Wayward Pines but I found myself going back to classic books and short…

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