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Susan Spann’s 5 Favorite Historical Mysteries

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Susan Spann

BookTrib is partnering with Bookish to bring you more great content, including this article by Susan Spann, author of Hiro Hattori novels, and the most recent, Betrayal at Iga. Well-written historical mysteries combine the thrill of the chase with an immersive trip to another time and place. Susan Spann, author of the Hiro Hattori novels, understands the excitement history brings to a mystery. Her novels, set in 16th century Japan feature a unique crime-solving duo—a ninja assassin and a Jesuit priest—who join forces to hunt down killers in samurai-era Kyoto… and beyond. Here, she shares her top five historical mysteries. I love the way historical mysteries let me travel in time, as well as location, to catch a killer. The best ones read like a page-turning…

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