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Cruising with Kate: A success story almost too good to be true

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It’s a life worthy of showcasing in a movie, although it’s a movie we might not believe as we watched it: a middle-class boy, one so nervous that his 8th-grade classmates nickname him “Worry Wart,” grows up to become an FBI agent working under J. Edgar Hoover. Not enough for you? Along the way, the boy would become a Golden Gloves boxing champion, a pro football player, a friend and confidant of author George Plimpton, the editor of The Paris Review, a best-selling author, a film producer, a soft-drink franchise owner…and oh yeah—wealthy. Really, really wealthy. It’s the kind of “strike-it-rich” life that’s pure Americana, and makes us believe, if only for a moment, that the streets of our country…

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