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Loved It! Camille Di Maio’s ‘Before the Rain Falls’ Full of Heartbreak and Hope

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before the rain falls review camille di maio

Camille Di Maio’s Before the Rain Falls explores the 1940s, when Della was charged with murdering her sister and spent many years of her life in jail. Now an old woman, she returns to her family home in Puerto Pesar, Texas, with no family or friends. Around the same time, Paloma returns to the Texas home she grew up in to care for her grandma and reconnect with her teenage sister. In Boston, aggressive journalist Mick, reprimanded for running a story with inaccuracies is sent to Puerto Pesar on a mission for a soft news story about a painting of a girl that appears to be crying. Each chapter reveals more about Della and Paloma, and we get a glimpse…

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