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Grilling 101: Sizzling Books For Your Next Barbecue

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Burgers sizzling on the grill. Close your eyes. Can you hear it? There isn’t a more satisfying, salivating sound in the world. Unless you’re a vegetarian and then it’s the worst thing that ever happened, ever. Burgers, hot dogs, steaks, brisket, spare ribs, baby back ribs, someone please stop me (clearly I am not said vegetarian). Barbecues and block parties are times that we can indulge. Every guy thinks they’re the guru of the grill like some Jedi master. Usually this so-called expertise ends up with overcooked burgers and steaks so underdone they look like they should still be grazing in the fields. I am guilty of this sin thanks to the time I tried tackling a big rack of…

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Barbecue and char is a love-hate relationship

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It’s the unofficial start of grilling season. (Sorry veggie fans, this one isn’t for you.) Nothing makes the Bookish Diva happier than to bite into a perfectly grilled piece of meat. There is something about the combination of natural juices and char that uniquely defines all that is good about summer cooking. By definition, char is the solid material that remains after light gases and tar have been driven out or released from a carbonaceous material during the initial stage of combustion, which is known as carbonization, charring, devolatilization or pyrolysis. That seems like a lot of words to describe the deliciousness created when meat meets grill, as our friends Grill Daddy and the Big Chill have proven. Yes this…

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