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Hollywood Hypocrites: Industry Vet Herb Freed on Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood’s Casting Couch Era

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I came to Los Angeles from New York to direct movies in 1972. I had entered the film business seven years earlier, after resigning my post as rabbi of Temple Beth Shalom in Lake Mahopac, N.Y. I began to study film at New York University privately and my first assignments were to produce and direct television commercials. I labored in that vineyard for more than five years. Among my clients were U.S. Steel, Pepsi-Cola and others, but I was button-holed as the director who excelled in beauty commercials. I made TV spots for Cover Girl, Breck, Clairol and Revlon. Why? I have no idea.   In 1970 I moved up to movies. My first feature film, A.W.O.L., was shot in Sweden out…

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DIY MFA Radio Episode 144: Interview with Herb Freed — Telling a True Story

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In this week’s podcast, Gabriela interviews movie director and author Herb Freed about his book, Bashert. They discuss the process of writing a novel based on real-life events, and why he chose to write this book as a novel rather than a memoir. They talk about how to use fiction to tell true stories and the difference between facts and the truth-with-a-capital-T. Listen in, also, to hear tidbits of how Herb’s background in filmmaking influenced his writing this book. ABOUT DIY MFA Here’s a secret no one ever tells you. The typical MFA (Master of Fine Arts) boils down to one simple formula: Writing + Reading + Community = MFA This means that to create a do-it-yourself version of the…

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‘Bashert’ Author Herb Freed Answers the Deeper Questions of Life

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Herb Freed, director, producer, spiritual leader, and author of Bashert, talks about past interviews with various talk shows, and the deeper questions he didn’t expect to be asked. How did he answer them and what came to mind? Read on for more! Bashert: A Novel (Bellrock Press) was released on Valentine’s Day. Since that time, I’ve been interviewed by talk show hosts across the country, from Buffalo to Seattle; Des Moines, San Diego, Kingston, NY, Washington, DC, Charlotte, NC and 20 or so cities in between. Those sessions were always pleasant and I am happy to talk about the book, but occasionally I get asked more probing questions that go beyond the cheerful give-and-take of radio talk shows. There is one set…

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Interview with Herb Freed, author of ‘Bashert’ (Video)

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Watch our author video interview, “15 minutes with… Herb Freed,” now! Here, we discuss his newest release, Bashert, what exactly it means to Herb Freed and what’s next for him in 2017. You don’t want to miss this interview brought to you by Meryl Moss Media and BookTrib.com. Would you recognize your soul’s complement in another? Beyond the bliss of actually finding your soul mate, there is a belief that the universe hinges on predetermined people finding their other half, their bashert, to maintain cosmic balance. In BASHERT author, screenwriter, director and former rabbi Herb Freed immerses us in the heady intoxication and thunderous losses of what it really means to be bashert. Dan Sobol and Marion Gladstone meet by chance at…

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