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‘First, Be a Lady:’ The Impact of FLOTUS on American Politics

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Political scientists have failed to recognize the political importance of the president’s spouse. While the evolving role of the first lady over time from White House hostess to presidential advisor has been documented in historical narratives and news articles, the tremendous responsibility placed on her office to communicate the president’s message and shape his public image has received little attention according to Lauren A. Wright, Ph.D. in her book ON BEHALF OF THE PRESIDENT: Presidential Spouses and White House Communications Strategy Today. This responsibility has increased markedly in the last three presidential administrations, illustrated by the fact that Michelle Obama made more speeches and major public appearances in her first six years in office than any first lady in history.…

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#BestSisterEver: 20 Reasons Why Sisters are the Best Thing Since the Internet

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The Bush twins’ new book, Sisters First, was released today.  That got me to thinking: I have two sisters; my mother has two sisters; and my grandmother has a sister. We are a family of sisters an it’s really the best thing I could think to be— a sister! Today’s #TuesdayThoughts are about sisters. Sisters are your first friends, your most honest critics and when you can’t find the right thing in your closet to wear, always seem to have just what you need. Here’s 20 reasons why sisters are the best thing since the internet: You can fight with them one day; the next you’re back to being the best of friends. They are the only people who know…

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‘This Is Us’: 5 Moving Books About the Love and Acceptance of Family

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Familial relationships are complicated and wrought with a unique cast of characters. Like a TV show, the American family is the sound stage of our lives and we are the actors. We live, we laugh and we love, never really knowing what will happen in the next episode. Last year, NBC brought us a wonderfully complex story about a family throughout various stages in their evolution and development. This Is Us has captivated American TV viewers unlike any show in recent years because of its honest portrayal of a family that is not perfect, but is perfectly guided by love. Actor Sterling K. Brown won an Emmy earlier this month for his stunning portrayal of Randall Pearson in the series. Tonight,…

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