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Bankruptcy: A love story

Author Janet Lombardi Turns Catastrophe into Inspiration in ‘Bankruptcy: A Love Story’

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Janet Lombardi experienced plenty of loss and heartbreak over the past seven years. As she wrote Bankruptcy: A Love Story, Janet Lombardi went on a journey of self-discovery, morphing her writing and becoming stronger every day. Here, she talks about her story and writing a memoir.  I had a burning desire to write the story that became Bankruptcy: A Love Story. It’s a memoir, published by Heliotrope Books, on June 6. I had to tell this story. Writing Your Own Catastrophe In December 2010, my husband, Josh, stood before a judge, received a two to five-year prison sentence, was handcuffed, and walked escorted through a metal cage into his life as an inmate of New York state prison. Josh’s incarceration, the result of…

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