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Remembering Rock & Roll Legend Fats Domino

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One of the architects of Rock & Roll has died. Fats Domino was instrumental in helping to shape Rock & Roll during its infancy is best known for songs like “Ain’t That a Shame,” and “Blueberry Hill.”  To honor the legend and his music, here are some documentaries, books and other ways to celebrate the life of a pioneer who inspired everyone from Elvis Presley to The Beatles to Stevie Wonder. The Big Beat: Fats Domino and the Birth of Rock N’ Roll, Joe Lauro (Director) This documentary tells how Fats Domino came up through the New Orleans music scene at a time when black artists suffered great setbacks and degradation in the segregated south. The first documentary of its…

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Remembering B.B. King: “I lost a friend today”

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I always felt a personal connection to B.B. King, only because, like countless millions of people, I had the good fortune of seeing him perform in person—once, many years ago, at the Oakdale Theater in Connecticut. As long ago as it was, he was already performing his show while sitting in a chair, his age and longtime battle with diabetes having already gotten the better of his legs. I do recall him standing up at one point in his show. It was during his finale, while he was being stage-rushed (imagine that—a performer well into his sixties being stage-rushed!). He got up to shake our hands and hand out guitar picks that were emblazoned with his name. I also remember…

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