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Breaking Bad is gone? Here’s a book list to feed your addiction

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There’s something wrong with my TV. I mean, it’s working OK and everything, but is has a problem: like millions of TVs across the country, it no longer carries new episodes of Breaking Bad, the most thrilling, gripping, exhilarating, suspenseful, jump-out-of-your-chair-and-scream-holy crap! television series ever broadcast, and quite possibly the best piece of drama committed to film that I’ve ever seen. Walter White is long gone. Ditto Jesse Pinkman, whose elated shout of, “YEAH, B*TCH! MAGNETS!”  remains one of my favorite pieces of dialogue in television history.     Mike Ehrmantraut is off to Belize. Skyler is a mere memory, although her desperate cries of “Shut up! Shut Up! SHUT UP!”  still ring in my ears.     And Saul Goodman’s…

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