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Jonesin’ for a Fix: Books for TV Addicts — Longmire edition

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Despite being unexpectedly cancelled by A&E after three seemingly successful seasons, there’s still hope for Sheriff Walt Longmire and Absaroka County, Wyoming. Insiders report that the Longmire team is preparing pitches for possible suitors, chief among them Netflix (a logical choice because the first two seasons—and soon the third—are already streaming on the site) and Amazon, though traditional cable networks like TNT and AMC will probably also be courted. But while fans wait (in between bouts of tweeting and retweeting #LongLiveLongmire) for the show’s fate to be decided, here are some book ideas to pass the time until Walt returns. If you just like everything about Longmire… There’s nothing better to get you through this bout of Longmire-us interruptus than…

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