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Come for the chicken wings, stay for the rockstars: Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe are JUST KIDS

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Just Kids, a memoir by artist and musician Patti Smith, is a touching glimpse into one of the most endearing relationships ever seen on the page. Throughout the book, the strong bond between Smith and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe is evident; the relationship guiding and dividing both of their lives in complicated ways. Early in the book, before Smith or Mapplethorpe find fame, the young couple walks through Washington Square Park, dressed in beatnik sandals and love beads. An older couple notices them and starts to take their picture. “Oh, take their picture,” said the woman to her bemused husband. “I think they’re artists.” “Oh, go on,” he shrugged. “They’re just kids.” The event is an ironic foreshadowing and the universal…

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