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Marvel Cinematic Universe to Spider-Man: Welcome home, Web-slinger!

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OK, fanboys and girls, this is huge. This is bigger than huge. This is Marvel-ous! Ever since Sony Pictures Entertainment was electronically hacked last year, the blog-o-verse has been flooded with reports of Sony and Marvel Studios negotiating the return of the motion-picture rights to Spider-Man, Marvel’s most iconic hero, to the studio that is currently at the forefront of the recent wave of super-hero blockbusters. Every day, another rumor; every day, another denial or “no comment” from Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige. Then came the blockbuster announcement to bust all blocks: Sony is retaining rights to Spidey, but it is partnering with Marvel Studios to bring the web-slinger into the expertly crafted, multi-billion dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which…

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Yank or Brit? Our resident Anglophile reveals famous actors with faux accents

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Ever watch a movie or TV show and think, “Hey that America is top notch. Lemme Google the crap outta them” only to find out—cha-ching!—you just hit the jackpot and that actor you love so much is actually British. Or better yet—Australian! For an out and proud Anglophile like me, who has a fondness for many dialects, I sometimes fall victim to faux accents. The deceit goes both ways though; I’ve encountered a Brit pretending to be a Yank pretending to be a Brit. Say what? In honour of my little obsession, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite masters of accents (see what I did there? Oh, American language, why does the U offend you?) And in…

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