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In Case You Missed It: You Can Physically Walk into This Amazon Bookstore!

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In the world of OMG-I-had-no-idea-this-existed, Amazon has an actual brick-and-mortar bookstore in Seattle, WA. Located in the same city as the Amazon headquarters, the store actually opened in November 2015! It doesn’t matter if this is kind of old news, this bookstore looks pretty awesome. The books are displayed face-out to make shopping more pleasant on the eye, and books aren’t just sorted by category — they’re sorted by their Amazon ranking/reviews! Plus, the books are pretty cheap; if they’re on sale online, then they’re on sale in the store as well. While you might not have the quirky selections you can get in an independent bookstore, the books are organized according to what’s popular based on rank and ratings,…

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You Don’t Have to be a Failure!

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Motivational speaker, actor and now first-time author M.J. Dougherty knows that failing, although discouraging, is sometimes necessary in order to move on to bigger and better. After a number of decisions didn’t go Dougherty’s way, he began to realize that he could benefit from the lessons he was learning along his road of self-discovery. Because of those lessons, Dougherty decided to pen, Life Lessons from a Total Failure (Amazon, August 17, 2016). To understand more about Dougherty and what led him to write his debut book, check out what he had to say in the Q&A below and then read an excerpt from the book! BookTrib: What lesson was the most difficult thing to learn through your failures? M.J. Dougherty: While I…

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