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New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Genova Returns with Heartbreaking Novel ‘Every Note Played’

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In her latest novel, Every Note Played¬†(Scout Press/Gallery), concert pianist Richard has experienced life’s joys through playing the piano, his expert fingers on the keys his livelihood and his passion. But, when he is given the diagnosis of ALS, Richard starts losing the use of his hands, then arms. His ex-wife Katrina is leading an unfulfilling life, teaching piano to disinterested kids after school. Years ago her career was put on hold for Richard, and she never faced her fear of actually pursuing her dreams. ¬†Feeling like she has little choice, Katrina reluctantly decides to be Richard’s caretaker. Genova expertly explores regret, guilt and forgiveness as we witness the progression of this deadly disease. Richard and Katrina tip-toe around their…

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