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Debut YA Author Tiffany D. Jackson Changes the Narrative of the Child Nobody Wants

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allegedly tiffany d. jackson

Girls can’t be murderers. What can our society do with them? No girl can be sweet and soft with the blood of an innocent person on their hands. But Mary Addison challenged this norm at 9 years old when she was convicted of killing a baby. Allegedly (Katherine Tegan Books, January 24, 2017), a Young Adult novel by Tiffany D. Jackson opens up with this cryptic information, mentally preparing the reader for the rousing plot to come. Set primarily in a group home of argumentative teenage girls, we get to know a now sixteen-year-old Mary who has to deal with the perils of adolescence while wearing the covert label of murderer. As the story unravels, we realize like a number of childhoods…

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