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A Season For Martyrs

Your July 4th Fix: Books and Shows to Heat Up Your Independence Day

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It’s the Fourth of July! Have a hot dog and a hamburger—but have a side of history while you’re at it. While Independence Day is one of the country’s biggest holidays for barbecues, family pool parties, gatherings at the beach (and let’s not forget the fireworks!) I always like to use the Fourth as an opportunity to take a look back at our illustrious (and sometimes infamous) national history. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of books, movies and TV shows that will help you stay true to the red, white and blue—they’ll not only keep you entertained, but they’ll give you a pretty good history lesson as well. So here’s a TV show, a movie, and three books that will make…

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International author Bina Shah discusses Sindh, Sufism and storytelling

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The original title of my novel A Season For Martyrs was meant to be Children of Sindh. Sindh is one of the four provinces that make up Pakistan, and it’s where I was born and where I live today. When I sat down to write the book, I envisioned an epic narrative that encompassed tales from Sindh’s history, combining them with a modern thread that took place from October to December 2007, the last three months of Benazir Bhutto’s life. In this way I hoped to tell the story of Sindh’s importance to Pakistan’s history, and how its people – its children – are affected and influenced today by that weighty history. I decided that I would begin the story…

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