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‘The Immortalists’ Review: If You Knew You Were Going To Die Tomorrow, How Would You Live Today?

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In the summer of 1969, four children from a Jewish family on the Lower East Side of Manhattan visit a psychic and are told the date they will die.  Does this information, this prediction, change the way they choose to live?  That question is wrapped in mystery in The Immortalists, a story that takes us through each of the siblings’ lives. Author Chloe Benjamin provides us with a mesmerizing story of these rich characters, and their choices about how to live. Simon, the youngest brother, moves to California to live his truth and gets caught up in the sexual revolution of the 1980s. His sister Klara, who is irresponsible in many ways, chooses to become a magician. Daniel, the oldest brother,…

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Spiritual teacher Francine Vale on healing in the long, dark shadow of 9/11

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Francine Vale is a spiritual teacher who has helped many repair emotional and physical scars through her healing sessions and widely sought-after workshops. Her memoir, Song of the Heart: Walking the Path of Life (World of Love), shares the story of how she came to learn what she was meant to do: help others let go of fear and frustration and open their hearts to love and healing. To mark the 13th anniversary of 9/11, Vale spoke about paths to healing on the anniversary of this national trauma. BOOKTRIB: September 11 remains a difficult day nationally and individually. How can we continue to honor those we lost without losing ourselves in grief? FRANCINE VALE: The creation of day-long memorials may…

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