Susan Philpott


Susan Philpott began her writing journey a few years ago when she took a creative writing night course. After receiving good feedback, she tried her hand at a year-long novel writing course.  After years of working as a mental health social worker, Susan was inspired by the quiet courage shown by her clients – but discouraged by the fact that their voices were rarely heard.

In response, Susan created a volatile young woman who struggles with similar issues, and is still able to kick some serious butt. She paired the young woman with an older, more seasoned mentor, heaped a ton of personal problems on them both, and then set them a heroic mission – as conductors on a modern Underground Railroad that helps shuttle woman away from danger.

Encouraged by her teachers to shop the manuscript around, Susan was thrilled to be offered a two-book contract, by Simon & Schuster, Canada. Her debut novel, Blown Red, was published in January, 2015. The second, Dark Territory launches in January, 2016. The TV rights to the Signy Shepherd series has been sold to Over the Pond Productions in association with ITV Studios, America, and the pilot episode is currently being written.