Jersig by J.B. Whitehouse

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“Part mystery, part philosophical musing … A thoughtful tale that explores a friendship between two men trying to live authentic lives.”
—Kirkus Reviews


“Introspective, philosophical, profound, and poetic … An exploration of life and living in itself – a joy and a treat to read.”
—Bhavna Chadalavada, author of Live in Color: The Millennials’ Guide to Fulfillment


“A wonderfully pleasing adventure with a poetic sense of nostalgia … Whitehouse delivers a debut with a voice that is elegantly effortless.”
—M. Wednesday, author of the Moon Reign series


Quentin Dettweiler or “Q” as he’s more commonly known, is a man of intense curiosity, passion and taste. A man who finds himself living a life that is in direct antithesis of what he seeks. After migrating from his hometown in the Midwest, Q lives in Alma Perdida, a coastal inlet in sunny Southern California. He lives a sordid, robotic life — the life sold to many as the pathway to the American Dream. A 26-year-old healthcare consultant by day, and uninspired by night, he passes day after day in tedium, yearning for adventure he figures long lost, his only solace to put his thoughts and pains to paper. Directionless and achingly comfortable in a complacency beckoning him to dive in, Q is on the edge when he first encounters a man unlike any other: Jersig.

Jersig is in his mid-thirties, the kind of man with airs about him, a man who seems to hold the key to the secrets of life. A wealthy, “self-made” native Californian son who prides himself on being able to spot innate talent hidden below the surface, Jersig quickly sees something in Q that piques his interest and subsequently befriends him. As a friendship is forged, Q slowly starts to learn to actualize what he internally believed always to be true, but never dare voiced aloud: he possesses greatness inside him. More importantly, he can learn to draw it out, and use it to impact others. Perhaps Jersig does hold the key to the secrets of life …

Or perhaps, in all his mystery, he just holds secrets … potentially dangerous ones.

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