The Restless Hungarian: Modernism, Madness and The American Dream

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The Restless Hungarian is the saga of an extraordinary life set against the history of the rise of modernism, the Jewish Diaspora, and the Cold War. A Hungarian Jew whose inquiring spirit helped him to escape the Holocaust, Paul Weidlinger became one of the most creative structural engineers of the twentieth century. As a young architect, he broke ranks with the great modernists with his radical idea of the “Joy of Space.” As an engineer, he created the strength behind the beauty in mid-century modern skyscrapers, churches, museums, and he gave concrete form to the eccentric monumental sculptures of Pablo Picasso, Isamu Noguchi, and Jean Dubuffet.

In his private life, he was a divided man, living behind a wall of denial as he lost his family to war, mental illness, and suicide. In telling his father’s story, the author sifts meaning from the inspiring and contradictory narratives of a life: a motherless child and a captain of industry, a clandestine communist who designed silos for the world’s deadliest weapons during the Cold War, a Jewish refugee who denied he was a Jew, a husband who was terrified of his wife’s madness, and a man whose personal saints were artists.

Come Dance With Me

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The small town of Port Grange, Connecticut, has a long and comfortable history. Many of the founding families still live and prosper in this close-knit New England town. One prominent family has known such notoriety that they’ve come to be known simply as The Family. For centuries it’s been no secret that there is something peculiar about the women in The Family.

Some of them have talents that occasionally make them targets of the mysterious, the ghost-like, the odd and the downright bizarre. These women also attract strong, sexy men who are willing to stand up to the sinister forces in their lives, displaying courage in the face of the unknown. When they struggle to resolve the shadowy forces at work in their lives, their caution is to be careful and to always, always look behind you.

Suzy Wanamaker—the current archivist for The Family—is fascinated by the new owner of Port Grange’s General Store. He’s tall, dark and oh, so handsome. His obvious concern for his lovely, troubled teenage daughter only increases Jared’s appeal for nothing is more important than family. Combine that sensitivity with a love of dancing, easy humor, and a smile that makes her heart do flip flops in her chest and Suzy quickly finds herself smitten.

Jared Owens doesn’t know quite how to take the quirky woman who feels so amazing in his arms when they dance. Everyone says the women in The Family are strange but there’s something so engaging in Suzy’s pert laughter, twinkling eyes and odd behavior. Maybe she can help him figure out what is causing his daughter’s nightmares. Something frightening is at work in their lives and Suzy may be just the key to discovering what it is.

The Knowing

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Bulwark- a wall or stockade that protects or sometimes hides the truth from the outside world. Bulwark, Georgia, isolated, hidden. Who knows what strange things can happen when the rest of the world can’t see you? JB Stratton is alone in the world, and all he has left are the memories of his beloved Ellie.

Dirt poor JB and wealthy Ellie feel an instant connection that is as intense and primal as the blood red earth of their home. Unseen roots connect them, pulling them into an impossible relationship. Will the memories of past lives help or hinder the path of their love? Based on the original novella Bulwark, by Brit Lunden,

The Knowing continues the story of a town isolated from the rest of the world where the impossible becomes plausible, and logic is determined by reality.